Hope Springs Eternal – Colorado River update


An update on our Climate Change and Fisheries post of January 2012. In it we stated, referring to how the political realm may respond when addressing long-term contingencies regarding resource allocation:

We are reminded ofHorseshoe_Bend_TC_27-09-2012_15-34-14 the damming of the Colorado River, done so to provide vital energy and fresh water for the South Western US, but with the consequence that the river itself now peters out in the desert of Northern Mexico (it no
longer reaches the sea). 

It is with great pleasure that we have read that due to an international agreement between the US and Mexico, the Colorado River has now for the first time in 16 years reached the Mar de Cortés. Apparently water was released from the Morelos Dam and after an eight week journey through the desert, reached the sea on May 16, 2014.

It’s good to see those two working out differences!